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Mix Sweet Rolls
Mix Sweet Rolls
Rs. 1880.00 (1 Kg)
This Product Is Seasonal, Currently Not Available.
Terms :
Price is not Inclusive of Taxes & Shipping charges.
Delivered 2-4 business days In India & 6-8 business days in Abroad.
Ingredients : Sugar, Liquid Glucose, Milk Solid, Hydrogenated Vegetable fat. In dry fruit contains dry fruits and nuts. In fruit contains fruitpowders ( Sugar, Maltodextrin, modified starch, thickener cargeenan (e407) and fruit pieces
We proudly present a treasure of vivid kinds of chocolate flavors; consisting of dry milk, selected dry fruits & natural fruits. A good thing about this chocolate is it doesn’t stick to the teeth & is completely harmless to the throat. There are no artificial colors, essence or preservatives used in the making of this chocolate. It maintains its taste & aroma for 2 months even without refrigeration.
Nutrision Value
Fat 19 g
Protien 8 g
Carbohydrate 65 g
Sugar 59 g
Energy 463 kcal/100g