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Rs. 1160.00 (1 Kg)
Terms :
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Delivered 2-4 business days In India & 6-8 business days in Abroad.
Ingredients : Chana Flour, Suger, Ghee, Safforon, Almond, Pisto, Fliche, Jayfal.
This being the favorite dish of ‘MOHAN-LORD KRISHNA’ is called ‘Mohan thal’. Mohan thal prepared by best Gram(chana) dal with cow’s pure ghee, saffron, pharma grade sugar, no use of artificial colours, no artificial ingredients. Twenty days shelf life.
Nutrition Value
Approximate Nutrition Information Per 100 g.
Quality Characteristics Results
Fat g.     31.4
Protein g. 8.3
Carbohydrate g 49.5
Sugar g 29.4
Energy kcal 513.8
Calcium mg 13
Iron mg 35
Sodium mg 240
Potassium mg 31
Cholesterol mg 99.8
Trans Fat  100 g 0.7
Saturated Fat 100 g 19.6